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Current as of March 2, 2018

$0.15 Discount for Debit or Cash 

(Prices subject to change without notice.  All bedding prices subject to HST)

Top Bedding Regular Flake - 3.25 Cu Ft Bag :  $5.60  (ONLY $5.45 Debit/Cash)

Top Bedding Fine Flake - 3.25 Cu Ft Bag :   $5.60  (ONLY $5.45 Debit/Cash)

Top Bedding Dust Screened - 3.25 Cu. Ft. Bag :  $6.05  (ONLY $5.90 Debit/Cash)

Top Bedding Bedding Pellets - 30Lb. Bag :   $6.20 (ONLY $6.05 Debit/Cash)

Quik T Pick - 3.5 Cu. Ft. Bag :                  $7.90 (ONLY $7.75 Debit/Cash)

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CUBIC FT. VS. Litres

All of the bedding companies we deal with stamp their bags in Cubic Feet, but I often get the question, "how many liters are your bags?" It can be confusing trying to decide whether the bags are bigger or smaller when the unit of measurement is not the same. So I did some research and came up with the following (all calculations are approximate):

2.75 cu.ft. = 77.87L
3 cu. ft. = 84.95L
3.25 cu. ft. = 92.03L
3.5 cu. ft. = 99.11

Our Top Bedding Shavings bags are all 3.25 Cu. Ft. Compressed, making them approximately 92.03L.

Our Quik T Pick Bedding bags are 3.5 Cu. Ft. Compressed making them approximately 99.11L.

I hope this helps solve the mystery!