Durham's Biggest Little Tack Shop

How We Process Orders:

As a small business owner, I like to be hands on for all transactions. Although the world is getting more and more accustomed to point, click, and buy, it is important to me to be able to offer the best customer experience that I can. While I may have to go to an online shopping portal at some point, for the present this is our order process.  I have been doing it this way since the beginning of Covid, and I believe it has gone well.  By being hands on for every transaction, I am able to:

    • ensure that the correct item is ordered at the correct price at time of payment.
    • help customers understand the differences between products, and have an understand of the product before purchasing.
    • ensure that the actual item is in stock before processing payment.
    • keep any credit card information safe
    • ensure that the customer receives their tracking info should they decide to have an item shipped.

To order a product is simple:

  1.  Text me at (905) 260-5637 or you can message me through our Facebook Page. Text or message is the most accurate way to rely this information so that nothing gets mixed up in the process.   You can also ask questions about the product, inquire about others or simply let me know what you would like to buy.
  2. I will send you a screenshot of your total with taxes and shipping if applicable.
  3. If you are paying by etransfer I will also send you our etransfer info.  If you wish to pay by visa or mastercard, we will do that over the phone.
  4. Then you simply send me your address for shipping if applicable, and your email address so that I can send your receipt directly to your inbox.  If you pay by credit card, I will also send a photo of your credit card receipt. 
  5. If you are doing curbside pickup in either Colborne or Bowmanville, I will let you know when your item is ready for pick up.
  6. If you are having your item shipped, I will send you a shot of your tracking number once your item has shipped.
  7. No items will be shipped or set out before payment is made in full.